My first exhibition: RAW REVEAL, August 17th!

You know, Instagram really needs to make it clearer that direct messages have been sent — back in June someone from RAW reached out to me as she was scouting to ask if I'd be interested in participating in an upcoming art show at Howard Theatre, here in DC. I didn't see the message until a week or so ago, the very last week for submissions. 

RAW is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. It was started in LA in 2009 by Heidi Luerra after realizing there had to be a better way for artists to get exposure. They now include artists from all walks of life—photographers, painters, jewelers, musicians, hair stylists, make up artists, fashion designers. The event ends up being a crazy awesome mix of exhibit hall and fashion stage. 

Now, I'm not really a people person, so I'm going into this with a bit of hesitance; I know its good for my work/brand but my anxiety around crowds is no joke. There ends up being about 800-1000 people that come to the show, which is a CRAZY amount of people seeing my work in such a short period of time. So, shut up anxiety, here we come!

I'm working on a slew of new work, including jewelry, to share at the show. It really is an awesome opportunity and I'm interested to see how successful or not it is for me. In order to truly have a great time though, I need YOU ALL to come!

Tickets are $20 and I have a goal of selling 20 of them. The details are below:

When: Wednesday, August 17th, 7-11pm
Where: Howard Theatre, Washington DC
Cost: $20


Please click the image above to get your ticket — ensure that the artist listed is Atypical Notion. I do hope you all can support me! :)