8AM, truck pick up. 8:30, movers arrive, a half hour early. 10:30, house is packed into the moving truck. 1:30PM, belongings are, somehow, fitting into our new, smaller home. How did you accumulate all this stuff, one of the movers says. I considered keeping his tip, and his pizza. Moving day was fairly uneventful, except for driving a 26' long box truck from the 90's that barely ran, parallel parking that sucka and generally being in a daze all day. I felt bad, we didn't do most of the moving—Eli helped out more than I, because they needed someone to tell them where stuff went—but from all the final packing, prepping, stressing over the new house, and more, we were exhausted.


Friday saw us in a daze by 2:30PM, sluggishly taking small, fragile load after load over to the house before finally our girls were brought over. We were home. Kira is used to moving—I've moved every year for the last 10, 7 with her. She gets a bit skittish for a few minutes, but into the carrier she goes, quietly and then released into the wilds of a new place with new smells, she begins her exploration. Mouse on the other hand hates change. She is so skittish and gets freaked out at every noise, smell and object that is different than what was there before. She whined in the car the whole ride over and has taken to hiding under the covers of our bed most of the time, along with the occasional howl from upstairs while we're downstairs.


Now we begin settling into our new place, unpacking and deciding how to decorate. It'll be a mess for awhile, but I hope to clean it up, area by area so that you all can enjoy what we do with the space as well. I'll be putting together a before and after post shortly on certain areas of the house that were transformed in a particularly jaw-dropping fashion. Until then.