It's been about 3 weeks since we signed on our house. On the first day, we dove into the small things we could do to tackle the ever-growing list of must-dos before we move in at the end of the month. Since then, we've had a crew working on the things that we maybe could have done ourselves, but ultimately just need done so we can move in. That included patching holes in the ceiling and walls, demoing a closet in the living room and patching and refinishing the floors. In the first few days they made great progress on the walls and ceilings, quickly removing damaged plaster and replacing it with fresh drywall - smooth and even. The ceilings in the hallway and one of the bedrooms don't even look the same, its so clean (you know, now that it's painted — I don't have a photo of that). IMG_1716

From there they've been working on getting the first floor in order. Other than the demoed closet we knew we wanted, we waffled a bit on whether we wanted to explore what the flooring was under the dining room. You see, the previous owners tiled the whole kitchen, dining room and sun room with 12" tan "Home Depot special" tile. Not really sure why. Definitely not for aesthetic purposes. When we ripped up the carpet in the living room, we could see that the hardwoods ran under and after an initial removal of one tile, we had them demo it all in the dining room. Voila! Beautiful hardwoods! IMG_1814

Except not. There was a soft spot so we had our contractor pull up some of the boards. The subfloor was rotted, the joists were in disrepair. This is the current state of our dining room. Oh.



Well that's kind of a bummer. All the wood we went and got at the salvage warehouse is probably not enough now. You see, we had some termite damage that we knew about thanks to my nosiness (I pulled up carpet during inspection and noticed a bad spot, which got us a 10k credit to get it fixed from the seller). We fixed the spots we knew of, at the back of the house and at the front of the house, but apparently it was a bit worse and explained the sloping dining room floor. Our contractor says it should be an easy patch job, but with 2 weeks to go, I'm getting wary about getting everything done. As someone who has worked with clients in the past in my day job, I should know better than to demand a deadline and keep adding things in. Here's hoping we don't have to live at Eli's folks for a week!

With those two weeks to go, and a storm on the way, these are the things we need finished before we can move in:

  1. Repair dining room floor
  2. Patch other places, where there were radiators
  3. Finish upstairs sunroom (library) floors (can't wait to show you all this!)
  4. Finish repairing the wall where the closet was in the living room
  5. Finish painting all the walls/trim
  6. Refinish the floors

Our contractor says it can all get done in the next two weeks... Here's hoping!

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