This morning Eli and I signed a billion papers and are now the proud owners of a baby blue rowhouse!

Promptly after finalizing our paperwork, we grabbed some tools and gloves and headed over to start tearing up the unfortunate burgundy carpet. This carpet covers three floors of the house - every inch minus the bathroom, kitchen and sunroom. Ugh. Herbert, the former owner, must have been a serious smoker - not only were there yellowed walls, but the smell that permeated from the upstairs was unbearable.

We started with the living room, since we had already pulled its carpet back half way a few visits ago. We left the tack strips along the edge because the crow bars we brought to pull them up were too fat on the end, and we were afraid we'd leave noticeable damage along the perimeter. All those little dots you see throughout the picture below are where the carpet padding had been stapled down - so many staples!




Then after a quick lunch — it's amazing having delivery folks know where your house is, compared to living in an alley — we headed upstairs to tackle the smelly parts.

The upstairs boards were in about the same condition as the first floor, but there was a lot more paint splattered all over them. Hoping this will come out with sanding, I imagine it will. Our only space left is the master bedroom sunroom - which didn't have any hardwoods under the carpet, so its just subfloor. We're thinking herringbone wood floors of similar tone and width to connect it, but make it feel more special (it'll feel extra special when there isn't a duct taped AC unit in the window..).

master-floor master-sidebyside office-floor office-floor2


Tomorrow we're meeting with our contractor to get a sense from him on cost and timing for refinishing the floors, painting all the walls, removing the closet in the living room, and a few other must-do things before we move in.


A busy first day as home owners! There's a glass of celebratory wine and a foot bath with my name on them. Til next time!

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