I feel weird about this one. The cabinets are pretty new, the appliances were updated in 2007 (the oven had the paperwork still inside of it - never used!) but it's just.. bleh. kitchen-walls.png

The opening between the kitchen and the dining room had been previously widened, which is great for connecting the rooms but for whatever reason (we'll see when we get the keys and start poking around) there are foot and a half long sections on either side of the opening that seem sort of unnecessary. My hope is to push it to the edge and add an island for added storage and counter space.

I'd also like to nix the upper cabinets (which would really require some additional storage) because the ceiling is a bit low here. I don't know who did the AC in this place—I'm grateful we didn't have to pay for it ourselves—but sheesh, there are ducts randomly sticking out everywhere. Anyway, this is the basic layout of the place now (I'm learning how to use SketchUp—so much fun):


We have one workable drawer. What the heck! No way we can effectively live in the house with this little kitchen storage. So here's what I'm thinking...




  1. Remove the upper cabinets as I mentioned before - open up the space a bit - air it out.
  2. Add a nice big island in the middle with a wide counter for barstools for casual eating.
  3. The island would have several cabinets as well as awesome, wide drawers for pots, pans, baking sheets, mixing bowls, etc.
  4. Partially (maybe fully) close in the other extended wall to create some pantry storage. Perhaps behind a door - we'll see.

This will be a good way for us to get a better, more usable kitchen without the huge expense of remodeling completely. There are so many design ideas I have in mind, I'll share them a bit later.

Two days til close!