Only 8 more days til closing!  As we inch closer to our closing, and hope that nothing crazy pops up at the last second, Eli and I have been discussing what to do with the space more and more.

My original intention for the upstairs was to have a dressing room in the sunroom of the master bedroom, with a reading nook to the left of it. As I was explaining my vision to him, he goes - well, why don't you just make the tiny room the dressing room, then we can have a bigger library in the bedroom.

Huh. Permission to take over an entire room, check. 

Both spaces are weirdly laid out, and probably about the same size when it comes down to it (our sunroom is much longer, but I wouldn't only use a 1/3 of it so it equals out). The tiny room is about 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep at a glance. It's at the "end of the hall" (the hall being 6 feet long) at the front of the house. It has a weird, tiny door.


The door will need to be fixed at some point, but its not priority. What is priority is ripping up all this smoke-filled carpet and refinishing those wood floors. I digress.

The room has one window, awkwardly on the left side of the room, with a closet, also awkward, opposite it, above the stairs.



And that is the extent of the room tour. No, but actually. It's a pain in the ass to photograph and there isn't really much to photograph.

The biggest problem with turning this into a dressing room, is where to put the shelves/storage solution. It can't be too wide or deep or it will block both the window and the closet door, but it can't be too wide or deep on the other side either because of the doorway. I'm thinking maybe it'll be on the right of the window and wrap around partially towards the door (the right wall).


I'd like to get a dresser (white Ikea Malm long and low) under a rack of clothes as well as a small dressing table/desk where my jewelry and makeup can be. I don't do much in the way of makeup most days, but having a place for that, hair and general occasional primping would be nice.

Anyway.. here are some things that are inspiring me right now.






I think the theme is pretty clear? White, clean, open - easy access, minimal palette to let the clothes shine through - though most of my clothes are neutral anyway. I'm thinking with this minimal palette, one of my vintage rugs would look good as a base on the wood floor.

8 days, only 8 more days of holding ideas in...