There is one full bath in our new home, upstairs. It's totally servicable and a nice size and layout. Has a large linen closet. But, it's also totally builder grade and in need of some serious attitude adjustment. bathroom.png

I'm thinking there will be two phases to this project. First step, which I'll likely start tackling when we get the keys is to paint those floor tiles black ala Jenny Komenda, give those walls a shot of fresh white paint and try to either bleach the grout on the shower or do the same treatment as the floor but in white.

Second round will be a bigger redo. New vanity, maybe a claw foot tub, subway tile, brass details (if I can convince Eli) and some awesome floor tiles. Plus a pretty rad door. Here's what's inspiring me right now.


 [All sources can be found through Pinterest]

I can't wait—it's going to be so graphic and bright! Well, I hope bright—there aren't any windows in the room. But I think changing out some light fixtures and some fresh paint and eventually tile will really step it's game up. The cherry on top will be a windowed, frosted door with some gold foiling on it with something very silly. Can't wait!