Bookhou — Triangles (and more!) for Everyone

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love triangles. The obsession started last summer when I bought my trusty triangle necklace and began wearing it everyday (until a 2 month period when the chain broke and I was too lazy to replace it). Last fall I learned of Bookhou, the Canadian duo of John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj, formed in 2002, to showcase their textile and furniture collections. I have been obsessed with their triangle print tote since October, and finally purchased it (with some modifications) last week. It's basically the personification of me, in tote bag form! zip_tote_triangle_6_3_1024x1024






Featured above: Triangle tote bag, Grey triangle bag, Caramel leather pouch, Oblong triangle pouch, Waxed canvas bag  and some of their furniture prototypes.

Their blog is also full of wonderful inspiring images and behind the scenes bits that I'm sure you'll find an enjoyable addition to your blogroll.

Enjoy your Monday! :)