Present & Correct — Clean up your desk act

I'm not a big stationery person, I'll admit. In theory I love hand written notes, beautiful baubles decorating my desk just begging to send off kind words to an unexpecting loved one. The glimmer of the perfect pen, the feel of lovely paper and envelopes ready for my messy handwriting... Perhaps Present & Correct could change my mind on actually sending notes out. Or at least look nice on my desk. Below are some of my favorite products from them.. present_and_correct_collage2

  1. Colored Clips - Various Colors
  2. Star Cards - 12.5"x9"
  3. Pie Chart Stickies
  4. Eraser Clip Pot - Actually has an eraser top!
  5. Bright Wood Pencil - Various Colors
  6. Eraser Brush 
  7. Card Wallets - Various
  8. Brass Scissors
  9. 70s Click Calendar