Atypical Notion



My goal is to create aesthetically pleasing work that brings joy to people's lives. My work is a balancing act of distinction and integration, structure and fluidity, bright colors and flowing white space that moves your eyes around the canvas.  I want my work to be lively, invigorating and above all, beautiful.

about me

My name is Laura, and I'm answering the call. I’ve been a creative and hands-on person my whole life; from crafts and art as a kid, to a career in graphic design and a passion for DIY projects as an adult. After 10 years as a full-time, in-house designer for companies big and small, I left my job as VP, Design at a startup I helped stand up to pursue my passion for the arts.

I'm inspired by simplicity, form, texture, flow, and nature.  Black, white, and grey make their appearances quite often, as well as patterns, texture and bold colors. 

I live in Washington DC with my boyfriend Eli, and our two cats, Kira and Mouse — both lady long-hair calicos. We are renovating our first home in the Brookland neighborhood of DC, while I juggle life as a freelancer and artist.