My goal is to bring the thoughts, feelings and energy in our minds and souls to life on the canvas for all to see, in an effort to make a connection with others to show we’re not as different as we may seem. With a focus on emotional- and intuitively-driven work, I try to balance distinction and integration, structure and fluidity, bright colors and flowing white space that move your eyes around the canvas. I want my work to be lively, invigorating and beautiful, all while connecting to the emotional theme of the individual piece.


Laura McGuigan is a self-taught abstract expressionist artist, designer and all around creative nobody, known for her bold, gestural and fluid abstract paintings, using materials such as acrylic paint, oil stick, pastel and spray paint. She was born in Elkton, MD in 1986 and grew up in Conowingo and North East, MD. She moved to the Washington DC area in 2006 to study interactive design at the Art Institute of Washington and began painting as a way of escape from her anxiety and depression, deciding to tackle it full-time in May of 2016. Her first solo show, It Looks Easier Than It Is, opened in May 2017. Aside from painting for herself, she also actively works on commissions, creating beautiful work for client’s homes.

She lives in Washington DC with her boyfriend Eli, and their two cats, Kira and Mouse — both lady long-hair calicos. They are renovating their first home in the Brookland neighborhood of DC, while she juggles life as a freelancer and artist.